About Alma M

Everything can be taken away from a person, except learning and knowledge!

Alma-M works towards creating a foundation for better upbringing and development of children in Cambodia. We also provide help to parents and caretakers to become self-sufficient.

We see it as an advantage that kids can live with their own families. This may be with their parents, grandparents or other family members, who are able to take responsibility for the child when the parents are not around, or not capable of taking care of their own kids.

Utdeling av vann

The name Alma-M comes from the Latin name “Alma Mater”, and was first used in Roman times. Many counties and languages have filled the name with meaning; such as education, training, development and care. It has also been associated with the introduction of humanitarian work.

Alma-M is registered as a voluntary organization and har company organization number NO 996 835 723. We have established a steering group of five people, currently led by the founder Haldis Særsten.

We currently pay for schooling for 63 kids. 41 in primary school, 15 in high school and 5 at university. This is paid for by regular support from 61 sponsors. The remaining funds come in as gifts and via sales of merchandise at e.g. Christmas fairs and to family and friends. We also sell products online.

About Alma-M

All donations to the sponsor program are used to pay for schooling, uniforms and school books. Our organization is based on 100% voluntary work, and that includes administration. The steering group covers their own expenses, including travels to Cambodia one or two times a year.

Our vision

Help girls / young women with

  • learning to read and write
  • vocational education
  • information and knowledge about their own rights
  • support and facilitate for a dignified life with their own income

How do we help?

  • We give support to schooling for girls
  • Facilitate for families to be able to live together, and to have a steady income that they can live off
  • Collaborate with established organizations, and support specific projects
  • Give support to newly established workplaces
  • Give support to traning and information about their rights, hygene, nutrition and self-development