About Alma M

Everything can be taken away from a person, except learning and knowledge!

Alma-M works towards creating a foundation for better upbringing and development for children in Cambodia.

Utdeling av vann

The name Alma-M comes from the Latin name “Alma Mater”, and was first used in Roman times. Many counties and languages have filled the name with meaning; such as education, training, development and care. It has also been associated with the introduction of humanitarian work.

Alma-M is registered as a voluntary organization and har company organization number NO 996 835 723. We have established a steering group of five people, currently led by the founder Haldis Særsten.

We currently pay for schooling for 53 kids. 34 in primary school, 15 in high school and 5 at university. This is paid for by regular support from 50 sponsors. The remaining funds come in as gifts.

About Alma-M

All donations to the sponsor program are used to pay for schooling, uniforms and school books. Our organization is based on 100% voluntary work, and that includes administration. The steering group covers their own expenses, including travels to Cambodia one or two times a year.

Our vision

Help girls / young women with

  • Primary school
  • High school
  • University education (2 years)
  • Information and knowledge about their own rights
  • Support and facilitate for dignified life with their own income

How do we help?

  • We give support to schooling for girls
  • Facilitate for families to be able to live together
  • Pay rent in certain special situations
  • Distribute food when needed
  • Give support to newly established workplaces
  • Give support to training and information about their rights, hygeane, nutrition and self-development