Alma-M har donert ganske mye klær til et gatebarn-prosjekt i regi av organisasjonen M’Lop Tapang. Alma-M har hatt kjennskap til organisasjonen i flere år, og ser at de gjør en veldig bra jobb i området. I november 2015 mottok vi takkebrev for bidraget.

Dear Saersten, Thank you very much for your recent donation of clothes to M’Lop Tapang. We appreciate you kind gift. We will use your donation towards our night shelters. With kinds regards, Ms. Dom Sinat, Administrator

M’Lop Tapang, a local non-profit organization registered with the Royal Government of Cambodia, has been working with vulnerable children, youth, their families and their community of Sihanoukville since 2003. We currently work with over 4000 children and 1500 families in the Sihanoukville area providing shelter, medical care, sports and arts, education and training, counseling, family support and protection from all types of abuse.

M'Lop Tapang